Victoria Hills Shop Houses

TYPE : Real Estate
LOCATION : Depok, Jawa Barat
YEAR : 2009
SITE AREA : 18,508 m2
BUILD AREA : 9,820 m2

As an architect, Cosmas Gozali was encouraged to create something different in the realm of master planning an area. Especially, when he was designing a site plan for residential estate that accompanied by shops.  Not only thinking from aesthetic side, Cosmas also considered functional role, carrying the environment theme, and thinking over the personality crisis which is happening in the big city society.

To Cosmas, The presence of communal spaces in estate is extremely important. Therefore, at Victoria Hills, he dedicates various areas to be a center of social interaction. Besides the clubhouse facilities, Cosmas also provides an open green areas to become public parks.

Finally, Cosmas also adds many plazas, streets, and alleys in this real estate layout to resemble city planning which is organized and has hierarchy. The intention is to make a rhythm, identity and create its own attribute inside this estate. "They are intended to make this area looked more lively," he revealed.