Evolo Skyscraper Competition 2010: The Last Paradise

TYPE : Commercial
LOCATION : Tomang, Jakarta Barat
YEAR : 2010

Although it is identical with splendor, Cosmas believes that skyscrapers should still be blended with nature, and not to against it. A curved building form from the bottom that is similar to a stretched ship sail was chosen because of a compelling reason. With a very high towering building massing, the building will certainly hit by a strong wind pressure from all sides. The form which follows the bend of the breezy winds was chosen to engineer the winds that will strike the building.

To survive from Indonesia’s geological conditions that relatively is prone to earthquakes, philosophy of bamboo is applied to the concrete construction of the core that supports all of the five towers. Each standing structure has segments in each particular distance, in addition to reduce the fracture risk, joint structure also acts to increase the flexibility so that the buildings will not collapse easily due to the movement of the earthquake.

Another highlight from this building design is the surface of its façade. The most applied material is processed transparent plastic composite which is light-weight, yet has the same strength as steel which is then combined with another material, refined local coconut fiber. The fibers are added to the façade surface in several sections. Its netting structure is not only to give exotic impression, but also to reduce heat penetrating into the building.